Note to self: Windows Vista’s indexing service is not a replacement for grep. Alas, I am in the perilous situation of only having access to a machine running Vista for the next few weeks, due to “circumstances beyond my control. (mostly)” I’m in between on-campus housing and the start of a lease on an off-campus house in Duluth, and meanwhile am spending time elsewhere with the family and the girlfriend, so most of my stuff, including the linux system I’ll be testing on, is in storage. So here I sit with my recently “upgraded” laptop, going over code. I see an interesting call to a wfRunHooks function that, from comments, looks like it might be very pertinent to the upload validation portion of my proposal. I figured I could just index the contents of my mediawiki root directory to search for the file that declares that function. Surely the indexer can figure out a file is just text and index the contents? Nah. Indexing of contents is determined by file extension. In their infinite wisdom they put .inc in the default policy, but not .php. Okay, so a little clicking around and i figure out how to index the contents of php files. Vista knows the index must now be updated, but insists on reindexing the whole damn disk, not just the mediawiki directories. And, it seems it doesn’t want me to rebuild the index anyway because “If you rebuild the index now, the index will be unavailable and will not be rebuilt until indexing is restored.” What this says is clear: the index won’t start to rebuild until it’s done rebuilding.

Almost enough for me to go stick some little ntfs-reading linux distro on a usb flash drive or something. At least aero looks pretty.