Its been a bit since ther’s been any word from me on here, and I’ve got some news about the status of my SOC efforts and their ultimate fate. Basically, since SOC wrapped up, my schedule was completely full with academics and a 17 – 19 hr/week job. Truth be told, I’d rather have been continuing my work with MediaWiki than either of the above, but such was life.┬áSome time ago, Brion (aka my mentor) and I discussed my situation, and he offered to look into having the foundation hire me as a contractor to continue my work. This seems to have gotten approved, and currently we’re working on the specifics. I’ve dropped to 4 – 5 hours of work at my other job to make room in my schedule.

Basically, what I have now can handle a large volume of uploads for one wiki, but there’s no way to have one recoding farm share the recoding tasks generated by numerous wikis. This is of course something necessary for use on wikimedia’s sites, but something I overlooked being new to the ways of wikimedia. So, expanding it to handle multiple wikis is priority one.